The truth about exercise and weight loss

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March 25, 2018
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October 16, 2018

The truth about exercise and weight loss

Exercise certainly plays a role in your overall health, but running 12 miles after every double cheeseburger meal isn’t going to save you from negative results. In the Western world particularly, we are surrounded by such an abundance of food that we associate eating with events that have nothing to do with survival, like rewards for behavior or accomplishment, gathering with other people, boredom, and even comfort during emotional instability. To put things simply, we overeat because we can.

If food’s there, and being marketed at us around every corner, we have some. Exercise alone cannot produce top results. Even though regular exercise is a massively beneficial element of one’s health (ie bone and muscle strength, cardiovascular conditioning, mental wellbeing, to name a few) it is NOT the only thing in the recipe for positive and sustainable results.

Remember when Michael Phelps made the news for his Olympic diet, consisting of multiple pizzas, milkshakes and donuts? How about Usain Bolt’s nonchalance about basically living off chicken nuggets? Although it’s both tempting to try and capable of inciting massive jealousy among us mere mortals, we have to remember both Phelps and Bolt are naturally gifted with athletic ability and metabolisms that can handle this type of diet.

Not to mention, both men are privy to top treatment and training environments coupled with rigorous fitness regimes. The main point is, for the average person, you must understand your own metabolic tendencies and eat accordingly. Some of us are built to be heavier than others; some will always be slender naturally.

You CAN make big changes no matter what your disposition, but keep those expectations realistic. That’s the real key!

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