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October 16, 2018
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October 16, 2018

Stop Crash Dieting!

It’s easy to develop a negative relationship with food in this day and age. We are endlessly bombarded with #foodporn, foodie culture, tempting marketing, cheat meals, and magic fix products. The age of fad diets and crash tactics still exist- it used to be Atkins and South Beach; now we have Paleo and Keto. It’s all the same thing at the end of the day; abnormal habits that promise quick results and put your body through incredible strain and shock.

Stop starving yourself a week before the big event- you’ll rebound and gain twice as before you began. Stop chugging flat tummy tea- you’re wasting money on a hoax brand using dangerous amounts of appetite suppressant. Stop doing anything that feels abnormal, extreme, depriving or excessive. This never works! If you want to feel good and be healthy, the natural and slow growth model of positive incremental changes mixed with consistency is the only viable route.

This has always been the case. Keep in mind that your favorite fitness icon or celeb on IG is being paid by brands to push and sell their product; they’re really the new version of a billboard these days. The person marketing the product swearing by its magic is the same laughable format we now snicker at when infomercials come on after 11pm.

Don’t believe for a second that a Kardashian or even Joe Wicks live by the products they’re paid thousands to endorse. It’s often the case that free product and a fat check is given in exchange for a shoutout or post; and these yield so many sales because people actually believe it’s the reason for an attractive or fit person online’s success. Get real, get yourself properly fed and watered, and don’t be a dummy by clicking ‘buy’ on the next crash diet fad!

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